Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Birth of Graysey

I can’t believe I have but started a new blog for the nth time. I have, for a while, wanted to maintain just one blog that had all my rants and raves in it. (I’m guilty of blog clutter – I blog practically everywhere). I figured that this step would be an answer to my conundrum.

Blogging is my other side of narcissism, camwhoring aside. This is where I get to talk about myself, my life and everything else about me – an outlet where I can only be self-absorbed and not give a fart about what everyone else thinks. After all, this is my blog.

I’m pretty sure Cyril has a reason to nag me into blogging more often now, since he successfully fixed my age-old lappy. I hope to keep this blog updated as often as I can. Writer’s block will always be my enemy but I will have to keep in mind that there are other things that can stop me from wanting to write. (think the lack of, or absence of motivation; no Internet connection; busy schedule; or worse, brain loss)

Anyway, let’s get this blog rolling!

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