Thursday, July 9, 2009


Is being nice to a guy (who has the hots for you) tantamount to flirting? See there is this guy at work who is brazen enough to let everyone in his and my department know that he likes me, so much so that it has roused curiosity about my identity or raised awareness from even those in other departments (who give a fart, of course)

He flirts through office email and tries to do so each time we bump into each other inside the floor. And as far as my Facebook activities are concerned, he’d post casual comments on my wall, if at all, he was interested with my shilly-shally. My reciprocal action rests on curt, lighthearted replies though, to avoid being misinterpreted by others.

I appreciate that someone, other than my boyfriend, likes me. I am flattered that some guys actually notice. In fact, I don’t see any girl who doesn’t. It boosts her confidence and makes her feel prettier than everyone else. Let me reiterate that I have a boyfriend, so flirting with other guys is out of the question. Unless I’m single, I might return the favor. But I am not attracted to him either. If I couldn’t find any good reason to bite the bait, I don’t see how you could, too. Now tell me.

By being plain friendly to someone who appears ‘too friendly’ does not mean you encourage the possibility of something that is more than just friendship to happen.

By maintaining good working relationships with someone who really likes you certainly does not mean you’re returning the favor either, even if he may not understand that flirting through office email is downright cheap or that being flagrantly flirtatious can be annoying or embarrassing.

Some girls are just nice – too nice. I guess I just happen to be one of them.

Just because I am being nice to him doesn’t mean I’m flirting, you know.

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