Monday, November 16, 2009

Make My Day

A day after a hard day’s work.

Cyril and I went to get a massage at a known spa, which was having a promo too good to resist. Much to our chagrin, the massage wasn’t good at all. The masseuse was too hard on my beat-up body. Worse, she was using her hands as if she were kneading dough in a hurry. What would you expect from a hundred-peso service anyway? I am so not going back to that spa ever.

Then we headed to the nearest fastfood joint for dinner. Cyril wanted to have palabok but the cashier said it was not available. So he went for the batchoy instead. Still unavailable. I ordered light Coke to go with my meal but the cashier told me they already ran out of it. So I said I’d have a rootbeer. Still, there was none. I always have my meal there with ice cream, so I asked her if they had it. You figure it out. Yes, you got it right.

My blood pressure was starting to shoot up a hundred degrees. Doesn’t it suck when you’re starved as hell, run to the nearest fastfood diner only to find that they barely even have meals to serve? Up until now, and even if I may have once worked in a fastfood hub, I still don’t get why customers are made to wait for “15 minutes” to have their meal. Doesn’t that defeat the essence of “fastfood”? I’d rather they close and call it a day.

But yes, I remain that I have once worked in a fastfood hub. I have been in similar situations as this so even if I wanted to strangle the cashier for offering nothing, I chose to remain calm and collected. I then reached for the drinking straw box but found that it was empty. Oh, and not to mention that they ran out of condiments too. Sh*t.

I wanted to finish my drink, but felt the urge to go home when he showed a lack of sensitivity. Details withheld, if you may but I from that point I lost my cool. I honestly felt bad; up until now I still do. It’s just that I don’t want to call other people to do what he should do for me. Not that I can’t do it on my own, but was it ever too much to ask for something so little? Oh, need I tell you we were supposed to be celebrating what could have been a special day for us?

When I got home, I sat in front of the computer to upload random pictures I couldn’t wait to show to my friends. Two hours passed and I was still re-booting the computer many a time. I went up to my room, damn frustrated.

Before hitting the sack, I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. The fiber tabs I've been taking must be really working, thank God. Worst case scenario, the toilet bowl was clogged - again. So I had to spend another hour flushing the damn thing.

Sooo not my day.

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