Friday, January 29, 2010

My Barefoot White beach escapade

Looking for beach resorts in Cebu can be tough. While there are a lot of nice beaches here, I'm usually caught in a two-fold quandary: it's either the beaches here are not too far but are too expensive or they're affordable but located too far.

I came across Barefoot White beach resort while searching for beach resorts online. The name was new to me but I was taken by their site's features that I decided to book a reservation there.

I am a big lover of canopy beds and so I was so glad to find they had a canopy bed in one of their rooms. Also, the resort allowed their guests to cook, which was another plus for me. The best part of all was that the resort is located in Moalboal, only 2.5 hours away from the city. Not bad for someone like me who moderately likes long travels.

canopy bed

what's cooking?

yummy shrimp in butter sauce for dinner!

beachfront view

the pool at Club Serena

The reservation process was very convenient - owners Michael and Lingling Rozgoni were very helpful and quick to answer to my inquiries. They give 20% off when you stay there on weekdays or bigger discounts when you stay longer. The staff was also very warm and courteous. They made sure they provided us with everything we needed for our stay.

Barefoot White beach does not have a pool, though. You may want to inquire at Club Serena beach resort if you want to use their pool. Club Serena is a more upscale beach resort right next to Barefoot White.

I hope the resort remains clean and well-maintained on my next stay (hopefully). It had just opened a month ago when we stayed there.  

Barefoot White beach resort is in Basdako, Moalboal, Cebu. For more information, check out


  1. will be going there to spend our anniversary on Monday, thanks for the blog Mel. :)

  2. hi randy,
    how was your stay there? ope you and your gf spent a wonderful time there. cheers!