Monday, April 19, 2010

First time dining at Shakey's

Busy Monday at work, as usual. I completely forgot about informing my colleague, Jane, to prepare delicious home-cooked lunch for me beforehand. So I had no choice but to eat out with my boyfriend who also happens to work in the same building as I do. The boyfriend, who has not been feeling well for several days now, wanted to dine at the nearest spot, and it was Shakey's we saw.

We sat down at the same time arguing about having lunch there. After all, I wanted my meal to go for less than a hundred bucks because I didn't want him to pay for my lunch. But he still got the final say anyway. Believe it or not, this was actually my first time to dine here. So, I was pretty curious as to what Shakey's has to offer.

He ordered the super platter meal while he suggested the bunch of lunch for me. 

 bunch of lunch

He also had chicken and corn soup to go with his meal. I'm not a big fan of soups, let alone corn, but it tasted surprisingly good. The soup was creamy with chunks of chicken and ham and garnished with crunchy potato shreds. Best part was that I actually forgot I was eating something corn-y. 

 While I can honestly say that I've had better when it comes to their pizza, everything else in my platter (and his) was good. Their Mojo potatoes were delicious; the salad was tasty, the chicken was superb, the spaghetti was just right and the garlic bread was divine. 

 super platter meal

The food and service (very courteous dining crew, by the way) was worth what we paid for. Overall, my first time dining experience at Shakey's Pizza was worth it.

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