Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Love Steak!

Cyril and I celebrated another month of 'magkasintahan' bliss at I Love Steak. By the name itself, this steakhouse looks tempting from the outside and feels cozier once you get in, subtle enough to set a feel-good dining mood.

Their steaks are served in 'hungry' and 'starving' portions, the latter having a thicker slab good for those with monster appetites. They also have other non-steak dishes on their menu as well.

Cyril ordered the rib eye steak (Php350), medium rare, starving. I had their sizzling tenderloin steak (Php130), their bestseller which they call the "Steak of the Nation".

 rib-eye steak

Steak of the Nation

The tenderloin steak was soft and juicy and tasted even better with their gravy. The rib eye steak was even more delicious -tasty with juicy goodness oozing out. I guess it's probably in the way they put their spices that made me and Cyril love it.

This was actually my first time to try steak cooked medium rare. I'm just glad trying out their steak made me appreciate how meat would actually taste even with blood still in it.

Of course, no steak dinner is complete without wine. Although we passed up on the wine (haha), I Love Steak has a wine bar to complement your steak dining experience. They have good customer service too.

 Needless to say, Cyril and I walked out of the restaurant full, happier and more in love! haha

I Love Steak is located at Juana Osmena St. (across Century Plaza Hotel, Mango Square area), Cebu City.


  1. Hala in love jud times twenty million! :)

  2. they have good customer service, but we didn't leave a tip. Barat eh! =p