Friday, June 25, 2010

Last day at work (a Thank You note to Xlibris Marketing pips)

Xlibris Marketing team

Today was my last day at Xlibris. Finally, it is time. I will start working somewhere in July.

My colleagues were all shocked when they learned that I was resigning. They only knew about it yesterday, a day before I would leave. I intended to keep it from them; if not for some reasons that would remain as privileged information, I wanted to keep it low.

My last day of work at Xlibris also happens to be my 25th birthday, and it surely is a mix of emotions for me. I feel sentimental, as many of my colleagues have become good friends of mine during my two years and one month of working in the company. It's hard to say goodbye to these people with whom I have shared fun and crazy moments with for some time.

But it had to be. I'm just so glad my exit was happy, graceful and definitely memorable. I couldn't help but cry when, in my last working hours, they wished me well, got me a yummy cake and a nice gift and simply made me happy. And as I was ready to walk out of the office, they hugged me, gave a round of applause, sang a 'Happy Birthday' and that crazily inappropriate farewell song. I am definitely going to miss them all.

To my Xlibris Marketing colleagues, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the friendship. I truly cherish the fun atmosphere in which I have worked in a span of two years and a month. I also thank you for planning out a little something for my birthday/last day at work. Having all of you wish me well is something I will definitely treasure for keeps.

Now, now, let's not be so dramatic. It's not as if I'm heading to Antarctica, you know. I'll still be seeing you around and I'll come back to visit you guys. Hasta manana.

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  1. Congratulations! Make us Filipinos proud! i love your post.. Marketing, ah.