Saturday, September 3, 2011

Well hello, Singapore!

Exploring Singapore for just three days wasn't easy and yes - bitin, needless to say. Checking out what this fine city had to offer constituted lots of walking (expect muscle cramps!) and catching buses and trains in between taking deep sighs from marveling at Singapore's splendor. No matter how pressed for time I was, it was well spent and enjoyed. The best part of it all: winding up back in the arms of my boy, who's based there. 

There are just so many things I am amazed with in Singapore. 

1. The city is generally clean and clutter-free.

2. You can easily get around the city. Getting 'lost' does not really scare you that much, especially if you're a tourist.

3. Traffic flow is 'liquid'. Motorists strictly observe traffic rules and have a full understanding of what a pedestrian lane is. 

4. People don't spit. Because this is one of my major peeves, I've found great relief here. 

5. Safe. The only thing I actually ever worried about while touring Singapore was if I could still walk (what with all that heavy walking), not my bag getting snatched or getting poked from behind by a stranger inside a packed train. 

Travel tip # 1: Dress for comfort. Your body will thank you for it.

Travel tip # 2: Bring water at all times. Water is quite expensive in SG too, FYI

Travel tip # 3. Wear protection. Sunblock and sunglasses a must.

Travel trip # 4: Have earphones. Will travel.
Travel trip # 5: Bring a map. It always helps.

Singapore is pretty much a small city but there's actually a lot to explore and discover. I'm amazed how this city has flourished from its humble beginnings as a fishing village to a fabulous and bustling cosmopolitan hub, its rich cultural diversity making it a popular destination.

the famous Merlion

Fantastic view of the city at night aboard the Singapore flyer

When in Singapore, try hawker food. Tasty, local food for cheap.

Checking out art at the Esplanade

All that walking, to the point of getting cramped that I could no longer seem to walk was a shame when I realized I've only explored parts of Singapore's beautiful whole. Blame it on time constraints. But then I can always go back there, perhaps discover there's something bright, bold and new that awaits me. I feel lucky.

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  1. nice mel.. i wish i could go there myself.. :)