Friday, October 21, 2011

Gecko fright

I'm locking myself inside my room because of this gecko hanging around in the kitchen. I had to look it up on Google to know what kind of red-dotted reptile it is, and found that it's a leopard gecko. Out of my huge fear of lizards, I am laughing at myself as I have blocked the small space at the foot of my door with shoe boxes, for fear that the gecko might crawl inside and join me here in this already cramped space I call my room. 

You see, I have never seemed to overcome 'scoliodentosaurophobia', or fear of lizards, myself still quaking in my boots up until now every time this reptile is close by. This is the same feeling I get with frogs, ranidaphobia as it is called. Either of, or both these phobias may be an affront to my thankfully clean bill of cardiac health, the psychological a different aspect, of course.

But no matter how many times I try to tell myself that lizards are generally harmless, it simply just doesn't cut it. Heck, I cant even post a picture of a happy gecko even because it still skeeves me. 

Although it may still take a lot of convincing to be able to conquer this fear not uncommon, I still have reasons to feel a lot luckier knowing I don't have the weirdest of weird phobias, like the fear of gravity reversing itself, for example, or fear of being drowned by peacocks. I'm not even sure how I could even begin to deal with such a grotesque fear on the uptake. 

Meanwhile, I'll just lock myself up a little longer in my room and wait 'til the gecko's gone. What do you expect a lizard phobe to do anyway?

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