Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I've long resigned to the fact that I'm a bore when it comes to fashion and I just couldn't go weak at the knees at it. I've always believed in dressing for comfort over fashion. Check out my closet and you'll find that there is nothing much to be excited rummaging into it anyway - most of my clothing pieces are dark and consist of the basics. Perhaps one can say my clothing selections are a cross between safe and boring. I rest my case.

So when KPop (abbreviation of Korean pop) was announced as our office's Christmas party theme, I felt as if I was at loose ends again, thinking of what to wear and how to wear it. You see, I am probably the least person anyone would think of when it comes to fashion. I shy away from wearing bold prints, shun bright colors, get cautious with accessories and ward off trends because frankly, I don't really know if I can pull it off.

And although the idea of a best-be-overdressed vibe was more of a chore to me, this was a night I felt was too good to pass up without getting hyped up, if at all it would mean a new experience.

So the closest I got to defying my cardinal comfort-over-fashion mantra is to kick it up with killer heels, don chunky accessories and wear explosively bright-colored lipstick.

KPop fashion, or fashion per se, is all about having fun. But fashion and being a fashionista are just not my turf, and I prefer being called a fashion ennuyeuse. Really.


  1. I think you were able to rock the look. I'm not so much of a fan with KPOP though. In fact, the K's annoy me sometimes. They're just everywhere!

  2. thanks Chyrel. Agree with you that they can be annoying, especially when they come in hordes! :)