Monday, April 2, 2012

When I was little...

with my sister 

1. I'd borrow my mama's chalk and eraser, write shilly-shallies on walls and play little teacher with my sister as the student. Then we would switch roles. 

2. I'd treat my wounds by myself. I didn't like mama telling me the "I told you" tirade because I loved playing out and about a lot. 

3. I'd sit up straight on a table holding a newspaper and read out loud like I was a news anchor.

4. I'd direct a play using small, empty bottles as characters. I did the arrangements, script, voice-overs, the works. It was fun and a lot better than having a dollhouse! 

5. I'd make my own chocolate recipes - pudding, cookie fudge, cake - using soil. :)

6. I'd stop whatever I was doing whenever mama came home from work. She always brought something I really liked. 

7. I'd make coffee for my papa & serve it to him whenever he got home from work. I still remember putting too much sugar in it, but he'd drink it anyway. :)

8. Powdered milk was my favorite snack. Mama would keep the milk jar out of my reach and close the lid so tight because she knew why it was easily consumed. :)

9. I'd ask a lot of questions, it tested my mama's patience and intelligence. Haha

10. I loved to read: children's stories, textbooks, Ibon facts and figures, mama's Economics books, novels that had racy covers, descriptions on product labels, even my papa's electronics references (haha).  I carry on this love for reading until now. 

Oh my happy childhood. 


  1. wow! the makings of bright students. :P bata pa, facts and figures na hap!

    1. hello Lakbay Philippines, thanks for reading my posts. Do I know you? Have we met? :)

    2. yeah, klasmit ko's imong maguang sa schi hi :P si fetus ni