Saturday, July 7, 2012

BELOw the belt advertising

My brows still creasing, I wonder if that Belo ad, which promotes skin whitening products for men was well thought out, or if the people behind the said concept were in their right minds to have come up with such. I've always been a staunch believer of responsible advertising - it's impact does not just rest on how creative the ad is, but the kind of message it delivers to people. I see nothing creative nor intelligent about this Belo ad at all.

The visual aspect of the ads could be forgiven, more so forgotten - it was not enough to tickle my fancy. But more than the visual works, the copy just made the ad below the belt, slapping one's intelligence as if people do not think at all. 

Maybe if I were the approving authority of this ad, I'd take a good look at the copy and examine it more deeply, putting myself not just in the shoes of those I am marketing the product to, but to those who can see the ad when it goes up and live.

I would change everything about this ad. Everything about it is misleading and offers no inherent value, even if, say I'm offering this to a more discerning market.

My take on the ads would be these:

Ad A.) A guy being surrounded by ladies.

Argument: Qualify, not quantify. The measure of a man is not by the number of ladies he has, has had or can score, but the kind of person he is towards them, and to everyone else.  

Ad B.) An elderly man introducing the guy as his future son-in-law to his friends. 

Argument: Any doting father would not mind if his daughter's future husband had bright white or dark skin, as long as he is confident that he could give her a bright future.

Ad C.) A guy throwing his car keys to a valet.

Argument: A whiter complexion does not equate to being 'sosyal'. On a personal note, I'd never go for a guy who speaks conyo. It's like hearing nails scratching on a chalkboard.

So much for the Streisand effect on the ad, this was recently pulled out after receiving so much flak. I'm not sure if the 'creative team' behind this were not aware of that Bayo ad gone haywire or if they just haven't learned from it.

Apologies have already been issued. And so this soon shall pass and die in no time.

Lesson learned: Creativity can go a long way, but a little sensitivity makes a big difference.

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