Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crispy Wings hour with Cebu bloggers

Friday snack time's just got better this October with Jollibee's Crispy Wings hour!

I had a fun Friday afternoon with several Cebu bloggers, in which we got to try, for free, Jollibee's newest product, Crispy Wings. With this product just recently launched, you can get to try their delicious Crispy Wings when you dine at Jollibee from 3 to 4 in the afternoon for all Fridays of October. 

Jollibee's newest product: Crispy Wings
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I have and will always love Jollibee's Chickenjoy; but I find that their Crispy Wings tastes delightfully different, but delicious all the same. Fried to golden brown perfection, I love how Crispy Wings gives off that delectable crunch as I bite into it, more so that the inside is juicy, meaty and never dry. Dipping it in its sweet chili sauce is just pure bliss. 

Crispy Wings hour with Cebu bloggers

Together with Cebu bloggers for the Crispy Wings hour, it sure was delightful spending break time with them while munching on free samples of Crispy Wings. They were just as ecstatic as I was to try the new product and were even delighted as I was with its taste as well.

You can enjoy Crispy Wings with fries or rice or even bag a bucket of it for 6 or 12 pieces.

Unsure if chicken makes for a nice snack treat?Try Jollibee Crispy Wings for a change and be delighted. 


  1. i couldn't agree more!:D

  2. I've already tasted it and i love it...i bought the crispy wings bucket last week for my relatives..and they really like it..:) delicious!!!

  3. oh ho ho. i know some of these guys. i'd have to try out this crispy wings, though.