Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shisha, anyone?

For a time, I've been looking all over for a shisha bar here in Cebu City but unsure whether they still exist. So when I happened to spot one when I was in Tagaytay, I decided to give it a try. Together with my good friend Rhea, we went to a shisha bar just across the hotel where we stayed. We were like giddy kids that were all too excited to try something new, for the first time - shisha.

Shisha originated in Persia about 500 years ago and is a water pipe used for smoking. Although it has been argued that shisha is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes, realistically though, much of the tar and nicotine is removed because of the water's filtration process.

Starter lessons, anyone?

We had a tough time picking out the flavor for our shisha but settled for a combination of mint and vanilla.Our shisha session started with the pipe already setup - but we were laughing because we didn't know how to smoke it. We had to call the owner, who was Iranian, to teach us how to smoke the shisha the right way. For hygiene purposes, we were each given a plastic mouthpiece for drawing smoke from the water through the pipe. 

Novel experience: Shisha

You need to make long draws on your pipe to smoke it good, and once the charcoals (placed on top of the disk) is exhausted, or when you notice that you're no longer smoking the flavor of your shisha, then your session is done. 

More than what's in the shisha, the fun part of it is its social element. Shisha is not about what you are smoking, but more of who you are smoking it with. As for me, I can't say shisha is something I'd be doing again - the experience was enough to satisfy my curiosity, but it was fun while it lasted.

Note to the reader: Shisha is not for the fainthearted nor for the worrywart. Unless you have zero tolerance for smoking, shisha is something you might want to try at least once in your life, and enjoy while it lasts.


  1. San sa cebu to? Naghahanap din kasi ako ng shisha dito wala kong mahanap. :(

  2. hey guys shisha or i call hookah is available at BFK bar lacation@lapu-lapu menzs2 tamiya...