Friday, October 26, 2012

South trip: Terra Manna

I woke up unusually early on a Sunday morning to beat my cousin's ungodly calltime, which was at 4:30 am. We were going to check out a new resort, he had told me. The road all to ourselves, we drove to the south, myself hungry and beating grogginess with crazy convo.

Passing by several towns, we had to make a couple of stops to take photos and just marvel at breathtaking sights.

beautiful Barili sunrise

When we reached Badian, we had to stop several times for directions as there were no pre-approach signs to the resort. A few more stops and a wrong turn later, we finally arrived at Terra Manna. We were warmly welcomed by their staff who helped us how to explore the vast terrain. 

trail leads down to the beach

the spot looks perfect for a date night!

their well is adorned with fresh flowers everyday

Terra Manna's features make it an ideal respite for those who seek to be alone. The view allows the solitary soul to contemplate or meditate. Groups, however, can find that there is something for them here too. Terra Manna has become known a place for happy campers, beach bums, trekkers and even airsoft enthusiasts.

I'm not too sure, though, if it was the resort being surrounded by lush greens that gave me and my cousin mosquito bites. So you might want to bring and apply some insect repellant to keep these mosquitoes at bay.

Maybe if I could've stayed longer - I would've started writing a book, perhaps or finished titles I have put off reading while sipping on their freshly made, ice cold lemonade (which I could not get enough of, by the way).

the restaurant

Good food. Good time.

What's refreshing to note is that Terra Manna has an organic farm, of which the produce are freshly picked, prepared and served in their restaurant. I'd have to give my two thumbs up to their food - from their vegetable dishes, to their pasta, to their desserts. I especially loved their sweet and sour fish. I couldn't count the times I went back to the buffet table to get more of it.

To be blown away by the view is one thing. To enjoy good food is another. But to experience really great service by their staff is what would ultimately make me go back to a place. Terra Manna has all three of these things and I must say the long, early morning drive was worth it.