Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I could have wanted to ignore PGMA’s SONA yesterday. After all, I have never been wrong with my expectations that I wasn’t going to hear anything true anyway. Hats off to her, though, for delivering really feisty lines throughout her speech. She must have a really talented writer, or a team of writers. If she came up with the speech all by herself, then I must say I’m impressed.

What I paid more attention to was the so-called SONA Fashion. Politicians looking slick and sophisticated in their crisp-white barong tagalogs or fancy Filipiniana gowns. Lovely wives of politicians in matching shoes and bags (don’t forget the expensive jewelry) and their children all dolled up at their most adorable.

One lady senator, who looked lovely in her gown, said she had it made at a cheap price because she was only going to use it once. The price? More than what I get for a bi-monthly pay.

There was also this wife of a legislator, whose features proudly highlights the revelry of cosmetic enhancement, explained with the right mix of confidence and nonchalance what inspired her to wear that dress - a piece that was more appropriate if she were at Hugh Hefner’s party and would look much better on her if she were ten years younger.

Other ladies came in stealing the scene, gamely posing for the camera and quick enough to answer who they’re wearing.

So that was what the SONA was all about. Ostentatious glamour. Such blatant display of luxury is a mockery to the greater majority of the Filipino people. PGMA must be right: watching them clad in high-end fashion must speak of their ‘lifestyles and spending habits that make them walking proofs of that crime‘. After all, aren’t our government officials supposed to espouse modesty in all their ways?

Those inside the House of Representatives, clapping endlessly for no reason at all, seem to have forgotten that although they are the country’s leaders, they are still public servants. It’s appalling to watch these people flaunting themselves with their luxuries when many of our Filipino people are dying of hunger.

It’s sickening to see a lot of them looking a little too much for the event when everyday, more and more Filipinos are forced to go abroad because they couldn’t find decent jobs in their own country, not minding the portent that they might come back home sealed in coffins.

It’s depressing to hear that while their children speak fluent English, many other children do not have access to good education or are forced to drop out of school to work, if only to help feed their family’s empty stomachs.

This flagrant showcase of material wealth only justifies just how corrupt the system is and how they’re only serving themselves, and not the very people they pledged to serve.

PGMA’s SONA was just all for the show. The true state of the nation is out there. Let’s not play blind here.

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