Sunday, September 27, 2009

typhoon Ondoy

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I woke up this cold morning, thankful for a good night's sleep. The weather here in Cebu has been pretty fickle - strong winds with light to heavy rains turning to bright, sunny skies but is still generally okay for going out and about our usual activities.

I checked my Facebook to find that most of my friends' status updates were about typhoon Ondoy (international name 'Ketsana'), the latest that hit Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon. I must say Ondoy's hitting the country really nasty. As of the latest report, 51 have died and more people are missing. It's tragic and sad all the same.

Ondoy is sweeping Luzon away pretty badly and I am hoping and praying for the victims and all those who are affected by it. It is at this very trying time when, more than anything, everyone should help everyone. It is not about who is out there and it is definitely not about highlighting what one is doing about the situation. It is everyone's role and responsibility to help.

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