Thursday, October 1, 2009


The recent events happening not only in the country but around the world have it made gloomy a way to start October.

Soon after typhoon Ondoy devastated Luzon,it has then raged it's fury into Vietnam. Yesterday, a powerful earthquake struck Indonesia as well as a tsunami that hit Samoa, all claiming thousands of lives and leaving more people in a state of nothingness.

My heart bleeds to see all these happening. Each time I check the latest updates on tv, Twitter or Facebook, I feel a sense of helplessness watching them in ruins knowing I can only do so much. Somehow the pain and suffering brought about by these calamities, particularly typhoon Ondoy, is assuaged by the strong spirit of 'bayanihan' among Filipinos. I put my 'red' leanings aside and focus more on what I can do to help.

I am filled with pride and joy to know that many out there have the kindness and compassion to help - those who never stop caring for those in need. One has yet to recover from this horrible tragedy. As if the damage is not enough, another typhoon (Pepeng) is said to enter the country very soon. In this seemingly apathetic world, perhaps now is the time to make a difference.

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