Monday, October 12, 2009

The Macbay experience

A nice cup of coffee and a good book: Life's simple pleasures
While I like to indulge myself to a good cup of coffee once in a while, I have never understood what makes coffee shops appealing a spot for people to meet or chill out. I've never been a big fan of coffee shops. If anything, I would like to enjoy my cup of coffee at a place where it's both convenient and comfortable.

When my good friend Davey and I heard about Macbay coffee shop, we knew we just had to go. What I really like about Macbay, aside from its soothing interiors and great-tasting coffee, is that they provide laptops free of charge. The prices of their coffee are easy on the wallet too.

irish cream latte, anyone?

I''ve come to love the place, a great hub to just sit and read a good book alone, enjoy wifi Internet or cozy up with my best chums while sipping my favorite caffeine fix.

Macbay is located in One Acacia Place, corner Acacia St. and Archbishop Reyes road, Cebu City.


  1. Their idea of free laptops is cool especially for those who dont have laptops or are too lazy to bring their own. I dont really like their coffee but the ambience more than made up for it. A great chill-out place. Keep blogging!

  2. you read The French Lieutenant's Woman? Nice!

  3. yup, it's a nice place to chill. i'll go back there when I visit Cebu again. thanks.