Monday, October 5, 2009

Moving Out. Moving In. Moving On.

I am currently renting the most comfortable room most conveniently located in one of Cebu City's major avenues. The room is as big as my department and has a nice bathroom.

I lay on a cozy, queen size bed with an exquisitely carved headboard. Since then, I've never had any sleeping problems.

I've stopped complaining about the weather as well. Whenever it's hot and the electric fan could no longer cool me, I just turn on the airconditioner and I wouldn't think of going out anywhere cool.

Also, moving in has made my life easier when it comes to using the bathroom knowing I don't have to wait for someone, or two, even three people to finish first.

The view is great outside my room; it is overlooking the busy hub. I can even set up a nice, romantic dinner right there - the view is actually even better at night.

All these will not happen anymore in two weeks time. I will be moving to another room that is not even half of the room I'm currently living in. The space will no longer allow me to move about, prance and dance around like I do just yet.

I will no longer be enjoying the pleasure and comfort of rolling on the bed and will soon try to master the art of 'stiff sleeping'.

I will be sharing the bathroom with other girls and I will have to rely only on my good ol' electric fan should the sun turn up its fury.

I am not complaining. After all, I chose this place. It's a good thing this soon-to-be place is clean and new. Well maybe I am just getting way too comfortable with my place now. It's hard to let go of something that has given you the satisfaction you need.

But then, it's not as if I haven't experienced terrible living conditions renting a room in this city. No wonder the 'room-for-rent' business is so feasible.

I have to move out. It's the smartest thing to do. Come 'pay day', my roomie Raffy and I would both experience the stress of looking at our bill, wondering how our electricity had gone up that high. We'd go weak taking out our hard-earned money from our wallets. I must admit the comfort we experience comes with a price - hefty at that, often leaving us with barely enough to last us for the next payday. Getting a new roommate could help (Raffy will be leaving for UK very soon, yay!), but it will not probably change a thing.

So I am downgrading this time. After all, consumer behavior dictates that my choices should go within my budget constraints. I am now consciously trying to make sure that every peso spent on anything is truly well worth it.

Moving out.
Moving in.
Moving on.

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