Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No load? No problem!

If you have run out of prepaid credits or want to enjoy free texting, check out Unlitxt.org. This is a new web-based service that allows you to send text messages to Globe or Smart users for FREE.

A good thing about this service is that it is easier to use. Simply select your recipient's network and area code, type in the 7-digit number and then your message. No more registration hassles. However, there is no way your recipient can identify or reply to you through this application, so make sure to identify yourself in the message box so your recipient will know how to get back to you.

To avail of its free text messaging service, simply go to the website. Go to the right portion of the page, where you will find Unlitxt Messenger, and start sending messages.

I tried this service for myself and it did work. I sent a message to my boyfriend and my own number, and the sender number was +639279531084. I suppose the sender number would also be different for Smart recipients.

Whoever said nothing comes for free these days?

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