Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Musings

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You know what I think about Valentine’s Day?

Simple. It's crass commercialism at the expense of emotions.

It’s the time when flower shops triple their sales; restaurants close beyond closing time, and you see hearts everywhere you go.

There’s so much “love” in the air, its nearing congestion. Somebody get me my nasal strips, please. haha

At least now, no one asks me who’s going to be my date, since the answer is already a given. But no, I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day with my special someone – including the ‘has-beens’.

Don’t get me wrong though, but since my discovery of oxytocins, I have always gotten a taste of ‘Valentine’s Day lovin’ – flowers wrapped in fancy paper, mushy Valentines cards or a cutesy stuff toy.

Everyone seems to be so hyped about this so called day of hearts. I don’t. My boyfriend doesn’t either.

In fact, this year will be no different than last year’s Valentine’s Day, when Cyril and I avoided being a part of the predictable crowd flocking predictable places with their respective partners.

To me, the idea of being predictable defies the purpose of being romantic. I’d prefer receiving flowers or being taken out to a nice dinner any day when I least expect it.

As for singles, who cares if you don’t have a date this Valentine’s day? I’ve been there. And I know how irritating it feels to be asked who your date will be and be felt sorry for, given your single status, as if you can never be happy with being single. Besides, whoever said singles can’t revel in pompous gaiety anyway?

Besides Valentine’s Day is just not for lovers, it’s for singles, for everyone - a special day to celebrate the boons and banes of life’s inconsolable mysteries.

Happy Hearts Day everyone!

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