Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Worth blogging?

Adam Carolla

In my attempts to keep this blog updated as much as possible, I find myself in a constant battle against writer's block. Lots of things are happening, I know, but I'm not sure if they are worth blogging about.

Take Adam Carolla's racial slur against Manny Pacquiao and the Filipinos, for instance. Lest you didn't know, this American comedian and TV host went about lashing derogatory remarks by calling Manny a f***ing idiot and that he is off 'praying to chicken bones'.

He also dropped these statements about the Philippines as well:

“Here’s how you know when your country doesn’t have a lot going for it: When everything is about Manny Pacquiao.”

“All you fu**in got is just an illiterate guy who happens to smash other guys in the head better than other people”

“All they have over there is Manny Pacquiao and sex stores.”

“Really, you want some guy with brain damage running your country? Why don’t you get your sh*t together?”

“What happens when Floyd Mayweather beats him? Does your country go into depression?”

“Get a fu**in life as a country”

I had no inkling who Adam Carolla was until the news broke out; so I thought, why would I bother dignifying his words with a response anyway? Besides, it's not as if this hasn't happened in the past. Who could ever forget Chip Tsao, Claire Danes or someone you know dropping bombs against our country and people?

Racism, to me, is the highest form of stupidity and stooping down to one's racist remarks only pulls you into their own pathetic mindset, even glorifying them at that.

Swelling over what Adam Carolla did is just not worth my time. But then again, I'm blogging about it.

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  1. it's all worth it.. you are a Filipino, and i am too. we love our country, aight! =p