Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My little sacrifice: 2010 Philippine Automated Elections

My right index finger soiled with indelible ink, my legs were tired and hurt from standing in line for five terribly long hours. My clothes were soaked in sweat, my skin feeling sticky from rubbing against sweaty bodies of people I didn't know under the hot and humid weather. Heavy rain poured when it was almost my turn to vote, my tired self thankful to have secured a seat inside a small, dark classroom cramped with other voters nearing their turn.

Tension started to ensue among the crowd, an understandable predicament when one is being made to wait for unbelievably so long, without having eaten and being cut off by people who have no idea what standing in line or taking turns means. I knew the only relief there was from a monster headache was to get out of the voting precinct, my purpose done and over with.

That was my rather draining experience of the 1st Philippine Automated Elections. The long and wearisome ordeal may have made others give up and walk away, but I chose to hold on a little longer anyway. After all, this momentary sacrifice would be nothing compared to what might lurk ahead of our country.

Vote counting is still ongoing, but we now have pretty much a clearer picture who won. I can only hope my own, little sacrifice was well worth it. It's the little sacrifices we do that help change things  for the better, if not the best. 

Boy, don't I just love this country so much.

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