Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And happier fiestas are made of...

In my hometown Bohol, May is that time of the year in which people say you will never go hungry. This is because a string of fiestas are slated throughout the entire month, the city of Tagbilaran first marking the start of the month-long fiesta celebration on the 1st of May, also Philippine Labor Day.

Having a little 'handa' has been a tradition in the family during fiesta. Pork is the main staple served on our dining table, cooked in varieties. There's crispy pata, adobo, bola-bola, dinuguan, hamonada, menudo, etc. Doesn't it sound too fattening?

my cousin's version of crunchy breaded pork

My most favorite putahe is my cousin's version of crunchy breaded pork. It's so good it is actually the first to run out among our food servings. Our guests just keep coming back for more, more and more of it. 

crunchy and juicy goodness!

She doesn't use much - just fish sauce, calamansi, camote starch and pork strips, of course. It's delectably crunchy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. Guests would even ask how it is made with. Although she shares how it is done without hesitation, there probably will never be anyone who can do it as better as she does.

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