Monday, March 14, 2011

Chikaan Chow

When I'm not home spending the weekend with my family, I find that most of my Sundays are spent with my dear chum Davey, pigging out and 'trading frustrations' (haha). We've always loved to indulge in gastronomical excess, nevermind if we'd often find ourselves not talking at all halfway through our plates.

I guess that's pretty normal when you've been friends for longer than you could remember, and that by being too comfortable with each other, you couldn't care less whether or not you have something to talk about, as long as you're just together. 

So after a few rounds of cardio walking around at the mall on a fine Sunday, we settled for dinner at Chika-an sa Cebu. Chika-an is ideal a place if you are craving for Filipino food and makes for a homey spot to make chika with family and friends, as the restaurant's name suggests.

Nothing like  Bob Ong to wile our time

baked scallops

I'm a sucker for baked scallops. Theirs is something I always ask for whenever I dine at Chikaan.


Davey's choice. I couldn't resist the chicharon bits I just had to have some - the veggies I left to Davey. teheee!

Pork belly

Didn't like their pork belly though. It had that gross 'porky' aftertaste.


A fusion of sinugbang baboy (grilled pork) and kinilaw na isda (ceviche). Reminds me so much of home where papa would prepare the yummiest kinilaw I've ever tasted!  


The next time I dine at Chikaan, I think I'll probably want to stick to their seafood menu- they're more appetizing than their pork meat-based dishes.

And because Davey paid for our dinner, ain't I just the luckiest friend he could ever have? haha

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