Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lowaii weekend

Once in a while I try to get away from the usual scenario of me when I'm alone during weekends - falling prey to sloth, staying all throughout the day in my small, rented room doodling online or sleeping like a log. I wanted to go somewhere else, somewhere new, somewhere private, somewhere nice but near. And so Lowaii (Cebu Marine Resort) was the place to go. 

Here, finally!

Nicely landscaped garden

Their grass was so green, I had to humor myself about "keeping off the grass". haha

Beach placid?

I was, at first, excited to hit the beach for a swim but didn't find it too tempting. I found their beach rather weird. I don't know - no waves, not even a sound of 'em. The water didn't look clean to me either. 

Bean shaped pool

I brought two pairs of bikinis and to not be able to wear either one of them would be a sorry of waste of my time and energy preparing them. So I just took a dip in the pool. Lucky I had the pool all to myself. Yay! 


I like that the resort's lobby is wide enough to seat a good number of people. I love their sofa chairs. They're so comfortable you could sleep on them.

View of Baybayon restaurant at night

Lowaii resort's only restaurant, Baybayon, serves a variety of Filipino and international cuisines. The restaurant looks really nice in the evening, replete with soft and warm lights - makes for a romantic dinner date. 

Dig in! 

Ordered chicken adobo and a plate of grilled shrimp, squid, chicken and pork. Their food serving is generous enough but I later found that it was actually not at all, because the food was delicious - I wanted more. hehe

Chicken Adobo - heaven

I have this knack for remembering food that reminded me of my mama's cooking. Whoever prepared their chicken adobo should be my personal cook! (fancy, fat chance, I know) haha

So maybe looking at our dinner bill made me cringe a bit, but I had to tell myself to just pay without the guilt because, after all, the food and service was good. My little mistake, though, was not reading the details of the bill. I could've saved on the tip had I carefully checked that they put the service charge on the bill.  

Nothing like waking up to a nice morning with yummy breakfast! 

After a few hours, I was back to reality. Oh well, it was good while it lasted. 

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