Sunday, June 12, 2011

From Maria Ressa to me!

Thank you, dear, for this pleasant surprise! :)

Boyfriend approaches Maria Ressa.

Boy: Hi, can I have a picture with you?
Maria Ressa: Sure. (smiles for the camera with the boyfriend)
Boy: Can I have your autograph?
Maria Ressa: Sure, after photo ops.

Boyfriend waits till Maria Ressa is done with her photo ops. Approaches her again.

Boy: Can I have your autograph?
Maria Ressa: Sure, what's your name?
Boy: Can you put the name of my girlfriend instead? She's a big fan of yours. She's an aspiring journalist.
Maria Ressa: Wow! What's her name?

Boyfriend says girlfriend's name. Maria Ressa scribbles in notebook. Boyfriend thanks her. Sends pic of autograph to girlfriend. Girlfriend is surprised and ecstatic. So ecstatic!

Boy I sure have the best boyfriend in the world! 


  1. now i know why my first comment didn't get posted here. it's because of that word verification thingie. lol Tiger's cute. :)

  2. i love the autograph. i wish to have that too.she is a great woman and so as her team. you can find out more here