Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going brave, going bangs!

Undecided for months and months as to what I was going to do with my hair, which is ideal an example of boring and lifeless, I finally mustered enough decisiveness to just go straight to the salon to get a hair makeover.

Bench Fix in Ayala has always been my choice whenever I needed a hair fix, thanks to bad haircut experiences with other salons. Their rates can be higher compared to most salons here but at least their stylists know what they're doing and yes, I'd always get out of the salon not wishing I had chopped the stylist's ear. haha. 

Here's a photo of me pre-hair makeover. 

I instructed my stylist to please trim the ends of my hair but make sure the length was maintained as much as possible. I wanted bangs to go with it as well. After several snips (he thought I was better off with side bangs just below my cheekbones to complement the shape of my face), he asked if I wanted to make my bangs shorter. 

"Can you make it shorter? Like up to my brows? I know it doesn't really suit my face shape but daugon ra nako sa confidence."

The stylist chuckled and proceeded to chop it shorter. 

Lo and behold my new look. 

Oh okay, well maybe the look isn't totally new.
I sported bangs in 2007 - DIY, fyi.
Guess I'm just brining back the look

The cut was still good the following day, although it didn't give the exact same look (I could probably maintain that 'bagong labas sa parlor' look if I had a blower same as theirs.). It didn't worry me much though, as I've but long kept a mental note to myself - it's actually what made the stylist chuckle. And mind you, it pretty much works. 

Because really, no matter what hairstyle you sport, or the shade of lipstick you wear even, or the outfit you don, it all and always boils down to one thing: Confidence. 

Going beyond the topic on getting bangs now, I ask, what's stopping you from trying something new, if at all interesting at the least? Be brave, be confident, be you. :)


  1. OH MY GADDDD! Hehehe I am sooooo tempted to print-screen this and send to the marketing peeps hehee but then again I realize we are now 81 heads (DAMN HOW DID THAT HAPPEN) and I might limit that distro list to now - hmm, 5? Heheh. Looking good grasya!!

    The Glamarazzi

  2. thanks tin! hahaha! as in HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? wala'y family planning sa Marketing team? hahaha. miss you tin! cant wait to see you and the rest of them girlfriends! :)