Friday, April 27, 2012

Awesome Avengers iMax experience

Jollibee recently teamed up with Marvel as part of its exciting slate of summer activities, that which includes an exclusive feature film presentation of this year's epic superhero adventure, The Avengers. The Jollibee Avengers iMax screening is a treat to lucky Jollibee customers for purchasing its limited edition Jollibee products and merchandise (just one of the reasons to be excited and look forward to upcoming Jollibee promos).

I felt really lucky to watch the exclusive screening of The Avengers premier at SM City's iMax theater last Wednesday for free, along with colleagues and friends from the media. (just one of the reasons why it's fun being a Bee!)

This superhero film is based on the Marvel comics of the same name, featuring a team of iconic superhuman characters namely Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow. 

I'm not really big on action films, let alone superhero stories. But watching The Avengers on iMax gave me a cinematic experience that's a breath of fresh air - new, different and exciting a whole lot. I found myself chuckling at Tony Stark's witty one liners; gushing over Loki's sinister yet charming looks; laughing hysterically when The Hulk was slamming Loki like a rag doll and just being completely awed and absorbed by its fast pace, thrilling action and spectacular visual effects.

Needless to say, I finished the 142-minute flick impressed with its unfaltering level of fun and excitement, myself contemplating a second viewing.The Avengers is definitely best to watch on iMax, I must say. 

With all that Avengers hype, I now know why it fulfills.

And we all had fun! (My Bee family)

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  1. july na wa pa jud ko kakita ani! gahuwat ko sa... ehem dili lang kay self-incriminating hahahaha