Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trouble Tricycle Drivers in Tagbilaran City

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I go home to Bohol every often. There's nothing like being in your home sweet home, a respite from all that stress living in the big city (which I have come to love by the way). While I love to be home, there's just one thing I really hate whenever I am in Tagbilaran:

Tricycle drivers.

I am still disgusted by our city's tricycle drivers for their rude behavior and lack of discipline. Ask anyone from Tagbilaran City and they'll understand what I mean, unless s/he's never hopped inside a tricycle ever. It irritates me to hell to find how inconvenient it is to get to some place in the city because of these trouble tricycle drivers. Who hasn't experienced a tricycle driver who:

• overcharges
• refuses to convey to your destination
• ignores you because you are commuting alone
• does not follow traffic rules
• makes inappropriate comments to passengers

It's appalling to know that I still encounter the same problem as I used to back when I was still living there. Until now, I still get into spats with tricycle drivers who charge unreasonably high even when my destination is not even that far. Php15 from BQ to the pier? No way. It doesn’t get any worse than this – they get even worse when it rains really hard too.

Also, don't you just hate it when tricycle drivers shake your heads and speed off if they do not want to take you to your destination? How about if they ask you where you are heading to and then start looking around for other passengers while you are left standing right there? Whether he’s off for lunch or needs to call it a day, they should at least have the courtesy to let passengers know. Then again, tricycle drivers are not supposed to refuse to convey passengers to their destination within their designated route, of course.

The poor commuter is left with very little options. Tricycles are the primary source of transportation in Tagbilaran. Not a lot of multicabs ply around the city. Taxis are costlier and not easy to catch as well.

When the price of oil increases, it's no surprise if they'll lobby for another raise to make ends meet for them. But how can you sympathize with these lazy drivers, the fact that they choose who to pick up or where they want to go?

It's appalling to find how nothing seems to be done to address this problem. If these tricycle drivers continue to be abusive, it is because no action is being done at all; much less, their kawalang modo is being condoned. While I have diligently listed down the numbers of these trouble drivers, I haven't the luxury of time to channel my complaints as I only usually stay here during weekends and try as much to maximize quality time with my family and friends. All I could do is to calm down.

If you happen to, or continue to experience the same problem as I do, here are some things you can do.

1. If you are commuting alone, try looking for someone else who is going somewhere 'on the way'. Many tricycle drivers ignore you when you're alone and leave you with stupid excuses why they can't take you to your destination.

2. Minimum rate for tricycles is at Php8.00. If you are a tourist, you might want to ask a local for the rate first before getting a tricycle. If you think they are charging ridiculously high, then they probably are. Demand a discount if you are a student or senior citizen. Negotiate, if you must.

3. Report abusive tricycle drivers, if you can. Teach them a lesson they'll never forget. Their 'salbahe' ways will not have a place in the community if people are more assertive.

These trouble tricycle drivers in Tagbilaran City leave a really bad impression on both locals and tourists, most especially on the good tricycle drivers who conscientiously follow the rules and do not take advantage of passengers.