Monday, March 22, 2010

This Holy Week...

With my vacation leave approved and ticket to Bohol ready, I am now set for Holy Week. But no, it's not what you think. I don't intend to spend my Holy Week just like the many others who hit top vacation spots and spend some R&R (rest and recreation).

Just like the past Lenten Seasons, I am observing Holy Week with a different kind of R&R - reflection and recollection. During this time, making some sacrifices has always been a practice in my family.

I always hated Holy Week back when I was a kid. My mother would prepare unusually unappetizing dishes for our meals and we were forbidden to watch TV or listen to the radio. At home, we'd spend most of our time saying prayers or reading the Bible. My parents strongly emphasized the importance of going to church, most especially during the Lenten Season. In my young mind, I had never understood why I had to go through these things I thought were plain torture.

"Jesus died for us." was what my mother would say.

As I got older, I've learned to understand what mama had told me back then. Sure I may have agnostic leanings now, which describes why I'd find myself engaging in debates on the topic of religion or why I don't go to church anymore, but in my heart I believe there is a God.

The Lenten season is but the best kairos to truly discover who you really are and move forward. To many, Holy Week is a time to remember the sacrifices the Lord has made. To me, it is an opportune moment to renew and grow spiritually; to make some sacrifices I don't usually do to keep myself humbled and grateful knowing that my life is and has always been blessed.

So how are you spending your Holy Week?

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