Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Roommate

Raffy and I!

They say that you will never know who a person truly is unless you live with him/her. I believe that in a way. Today, my roomie Raffy and I are leaving Johnny's place for good. It's sad that we have to go our separate ways.

I have always hated goodbyes. It even gets worse letting go of someone who has been dear to you and have shared good memories with. But I know that the path he willl take be a a bigger and brighter one and I couldn't be happier for him.

Today, he will have finished packing up and left, myself not knowing when I will ever see him again. The room we have been renting for four months will have been emptied of our clutter. This morning just might be the last time we greeted each other 'good morning', talked and hugged.

I will miss how we don't agree with the use of the a/c.

I will miss eating out at our suking carinderia, which we painstakingly have to do because we do not have a choice.

I will miss whining with you about our high monthly bills. (or maybe it was just me) ;-)

I will miss the two of us raving about Whitney Houston's songs and digging the same type of music.

I will miss your neverending supply of tissue paper, greaseless peanuts and other food. (compliments from Cha!)

I will miss our network war and your snide remarks on Kapuso stars. (much to Cyril's delight, hehe)

I will miss our conversations, from the highly confidential to the most absurd. (winks!)

Most of all, I will miss you. It has been a fun four months of 'living together' with you. Hasta MaƱana.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday I had a very bad case of PMS. My poor boyfie had to face the brunt of my uncontrolled, irrational outbursts, which constituted pointless nagging, careless bitching, fleeting silence and sudden, unexplainable acts of sweetness.

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or get angrier with how he tried to put up with me. I sensed he was careful and calculated with what he was going to say or how he’d act around. I was too damn oblivious to even care with mine.

Amongst many other things that happened yesterday while we were together, I flared up at the thought that he ordered another meal for our dinner. He was still hungry because he didn’t have a decent lunch, he explained.

Whether I lost my cool because he wanted a heavy meal even when we’re supposed to eat light OR because he paid a part of our meal when he knew that dinner was on me, I didn’t know. I didn’t care that the meal I ordered for him must have been inadequate for his huge appetite. I didn’t understand that he was still hungry (and tired) from a hard day’s work.

I looked at him, leaned a little closer and said “Don’t you ever get sick and tired of my constant nagging? Don’t you ever wish I never nagged at all?

I’ve gotten used to it. I hear nagging from my mother and sisters at home. What else is new?

Well don’t you want to break free from home? (sounding sarcastic) Get a breath of fresh air?” I snapped.

Well, there’s no place like home.”

My mood changed again.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Macbay experience

A nice cup of coffee and a good book: Life's simple pleasures
While I like to indulge myself to a good cup of coffee once in a while, I have never understood what makes coffee shops appealing a spot for people to meet or chill out. I've never been a big fan of coffee shops. If anything, I would like to enjoy my cup of coffee at a place where it's both convenient and comfortable.

When my good friend Davey and I heard about Macbay coffee shop, we knew we just had to go. What I really like about Macbay, aside from its soothing interiors and great-tasting coffee, is that they provide laptops free of charge. The prices of their coffee are easy on the wallet too.

irish cream latte, anyone?

I''ve come to love the place, a great hub to just sit and read a good book alone, enjoy wifi Internet or cozy up with my best chums while sipping my favorite caffeine fix.

Macbay is located in One Acacia Place, corner Acacia St. and Archbishop Reyes road, Cebu City.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


For four years now, I’ve been using a badly chipped, bruised but still trusty Nokia 2600. The phone looks too beat up worthy of everyone’s ridicule yet unworthy for even a thief to pay any mind.

This was the phone I bought four years ago with my own money. I remember going to the store and picking what I first saw out of dire need – a sleek and simple Nokia 2600. At that time I had to make do with a Nokia 8210 (which was still a hot item), a gift from my then-boyfriend.

After a bitter break-up followed by a catty feud, I knew I had to get rid of the damn thing. Returning it to him would be stupid. Pawning or selling it would have been a cool idea. However, using it to meet and greet other guys would no longer validate the fact why we broke up in the first place.

Well-meaning people wonder why I refuse to get a new phone, still remaining loyal to this rather obsolete model even when my salary can somehow afford me to buy a way better looking celly.

I have never been good at penny-pinching especially when it comes to luxuries, so that won’t be a reason. If it is because this phone holds a sentimental value to me, I really don’t know.

I guess I'm just not the type who is particuar with the latest in gadgets, or the kind of person who has to get what's new because it's what's in ergo wreaking havoc on my social status. Sure I ogle at sleek, new models at times, even wish that my phone had a camera to take snapshots of me in my random i feel-pretty-and-need-a-camera-quick' moments.

Who cares? My worth is not measured by the model of phone I use anyway.

Of course, these high-end phones capable of doing infinitely many tasks can prove to be very useful especially to people constantly on-the-go. But as long as my phone is still able to perform what it is basically designed to do – call and text – then, that shouldn’t be a problem to me at all. Okay, so I use it as my alarm clock, calculator and calendar too.

Besides, my job requires me to sit for eight hours or more in front of a computer, doing intense clacking and constant tab browsing. So between my lappy or a new celly, you know what I’d choose.

My Nokia 2600 is still highly functional; never mind the form. A little replacement on the exterior though, and I’m good to go.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Moving Out. Moving In. Moving On.

I am currently renting the most comfortable room most conveniently located in one of Cebu City's major avenues. The room is as big as my department and has a nice bathroom.

I lay on a cozy, queen size bed with an exquisitely carved headboard. Since then, I've never had any sleeping problems.

I've stopped complaining about the weather as well. Whenever it's hot and the electric fan could no longer cool me, I just turn on the airconditioner and I wouldn't think of going out anywhere cool.

Also, moving in has made my life easier when it comes to using the bathroom knowing I don't have to wait for someone, or two, even three people to finish first.

The view is great outside my room; it is overlooking the busy hub. I can even set up a nice, romantic dinner right there - the view is actually even better at night.

All these will not happen anymore in two weeks time. I will be moving to another room that is not even half of the room I'm currently living in. The space will no longer allow me to move about, prance and dance around like I do just yet.

I will no longer be enjoying the pleasure and comfort of rolling on the bed and will soon try to master the art of 'stiff sleeping'.

I will be sharing the bathroom with other girls and I will have to rely only on my good ol' electric fan should the sun turn up its fury.

I am not complaining. After all, I chose this place. It's a good thing this soon-to-be place is clean and new. Well maybe I am just getting way too comfortable with my place now. It's hard to let go of something that has given you the satisfaction you need.

But then, it's not as if I haven't experienced terrible living conditions renting a room in this city. No wonder the 'room-for-rent' business is so feasible.

I have to move out. It's the smartest thing to do. Come 'pay day', my roomie Raffy and I would both experience the stress of looking at our bill, wondering how our electricity had gone up that high. We'd go weak taking out our hard-earned money from our wallets. I must admit the comfort we experience comes with a price - hefty at that, often leaving us with barely enough to last us for the next payday. Getting a new roommate could help (Raffy will be leaving for UK very soon, yay!), but it will not probably change a thing.

So I am downgrading this time. After all, consumer behavior dictates that my choices should go within my budget constraints. I am now consciously trying to make sure that every peso spent on anything is truly well worth it.

Moving out.
Moving in.
Moving on.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The recent events happening not only in the country but around the world have it made gloomy a way to start October.

Soon after typhoon Ondoy devastated Luzon,it has then raged it's fury into Vietnam. Yesterday, a powerful earthquake struck Indonesia as well as a tsunami that hit Samoa, all claiming thousands of lives and leaving more people in a state of nothingness.

My heart bleeds to see all these happening. Each time I check the latest updates on tv, Twitter or Facebook, I feel a sense of helplessness watching them in ruins knowing I can only do so much. Somehow the pain and suffering brought about by these calamities, particularly typhoon Ondoy, is assuaged by the strong spirit of 'bayanihan' among Filipinos. I put my 'red' leanings aside and focus more on what I can do to help.

I am filled with pride and joy to know that many out there have the kindness and compassion to help - those who never stop caring for those in need. One has yet to recover from this horrible tragedy. As if the damage is not enough, another typhoon (Pepeng) is said to enter the country very soon. In this seemingly apathetic world, perhaps now is the time to make a difference.

Image Source: Bulatlat.com