Sunday, December 20, 2009


I had a great time with my Marketing teammates last Saturday. We had dinner at Alejandro's, a Filipino restaurant which catch line screams "Home of the best Crispy Pata!". I hardly helped myself with their food though. Filipino food, though delicious, is much too adipose for me.

We stayed a little longer for some drinks. The fun was just getting started with my teammates doing their own silly antics. I found myself dancing to the tune of Beyonce's 'Single Ladies', much to their delight.

The night was young and not over yet, so we trooped to Club Vudu. It's been a while since I last went clubbing, having fun and dancing the night away.

The party scene at Vudu was more rocking than ever. People were dressed to the nines, goodlooking creatures whose presence made you stop and stare. Beneath their well-done makeup and fancy clothes, I wondered, Were these people real? Nevertheless, the party music made me dance like I didn't care.

I checked out the crowd again and realized why I don't really frequent places like this. There are just about a lot of superficial people lurking around. People who are much too worried about how they look that they forget how to have fun. Looking fabulous is not a bad thing, of course. Yet, there's the ugly truth in trying too hard to look hot and stiff just to impress. Superficial, you can say that again.

I would rather look crunk and stupid but have fun than look hot but stoic and boring.

Well, let's just say real people know how to have fun.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brazilian Waxing at Lay Bare

I’ve long wanted to get a Brazilian wax but would chicken out each time I’d hear how painful the procedure was. But the thought of feeling cleaner and more confident just kept nagging me, so after a thorough research on Brazilian waxing, I finally decided to give it a go.

I had a tough time finding a salon that offers Brazilian waxing. I guess it isn’t as common a practice here. Luckily, I came across Lay Bare Waxing Salon, which has just opened late last month.

Now open in Cebu, Lay Bare is the leading waxing salon in Metro Manila that specializes in cold waxing.

They use cold wax jelly which is made from all-natural ingredients such as sugar, honey and calamansi. Lay Bare’s cold waxing is an affront to the typical and usually very painful hot waxing.

Getting a Brazilian wax for the first time was not as painful as I thought. The staff at Lay Bare was friendly and accommodating. Ms. Luz, my waxer, made me feel at ease during the entire process. We were chatting the entire time I was being waxed. I even texted my friends how ‘sisiw’ it felt.

Ms. Luz made sure I left the salon as baby-smooth and hair-free as possible. There is the pain, of course, but it is tolerable. While I haven’t tried hot waxing (which I don’t think I ever will), cold wax is definitely a better alternative especially for those with low tolerance for pain.

Curious about Brazilian waxing? I highly suggest you try it at least once in your life. You will definitely feel good all over.

Some tips before and after getting a Brazilian wax:
1. Avoid getting waxed three days pre and post menstruation. The skin in this area is very sensitive and will make waxing very painful.

2. Be extra clean before getting a wax. You’ll be confident enough to ‘open up’ to your waxer.

3. After waxing, refrain from washing for at least 4 hours to avoid irritation. No hot baths, hot showers or sexual activity for at least 10 hours as well. The pores in your skin are still open and are susceptible to infection.

4. Do not wear tight clothing for at least 24 hours after waxing. Tight clothing rubs against your skin and can cause red bumps or ingrowns. Wearing a thong is recommended.

Say goodbye to skin burns, allergic reactions to wax or an uber painful waxing experience. I’m definitely going back to Lay Bare salon.

Lay Bare is located at the 2nd floor of Banilad Town Center. They also have another branch in SM City Cebu.