Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And happier fiestas are made of...

In my hometown Bohol, May is that time of the year in which people say you will never go hungry. This is because a string of fiestas are slated throughout the entire month, the city of Tagbilaran first marking the start of the month-long fiesta celebration on the 1st of May, also Philippine Labor Day.

Having a little 'handa' has been a tradition in the family during fiesta. Pork is the main staple served on our dining table, cooked in varieties. There's crispy pata, adobo, bola-bola, dinuguan, hamonada, menudo, etc. Doesn't it sound too fattening?

my cousin's version of crunchy breaded pork

My most favorite putahe is my cousin's version of crunchy breaded pork. It's so good it is actually the first to run out among our food servings. Our guests just keep coming back for more, more and more of it. 

crunchy and juicy goodness!

She doesn't use much - just fish sauce, calamansi, camote starch and pork strips, of course. It's delectably crunchy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. Guests would even ask how it is made with. Although she shares how it is done without hesitation, there probably will never be anyone who can do it as better as she does.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My little sacrifice: 2010 Philippine Automated Elections

My right index finger soiled with indelible ink, my legs were tired and hurt from standing in line for five terribly long hours. My clothes were soaked in sweat, my skin feeling sticky from rubbing against sweaty bodies of people I didn't know under the hot and humid weather. Heavy rain poured when it was almost my turn to vote, my tired self thankful to have secured a seat inside a small, dark classroom cramped with other voters nearing their turn.

Tension started to ensue among the crowd, an understandable predicament when one is being made to wait for unbelievably so long, without having eaten and being cut off by people who have no idea what standing in line or taking turns means. I knew the only relief there was from a monster headache was to get out of the voting precinct, my purpose done and over with.

That was my rather draining experience of the 1st Philippine Automated Elections. The long and wearisome ordeal may have made others give up and walk away, but I chose to hold on a little longer anyway. After all, this momentary sacrifice would be nothing compared to what might lurk ahead of our country.

Vote counting is still ongoing, but we now have pretty much a clearer picture who won. I can only hope my own, little sacrifice was well worth it. It's the little sacrifices we do that help change things  for the better, if not the best. 

Boy, don't I just love this country so much.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sun dog in Cebu

sun dog

At around noontime today, my officemates and I marvelled at an interesting sight from up above. It was a rainbow-colored halo that surrounded the sun. I didn't know something like that could occur but it did, and it was pretty cool.

That halo was said to be a parhelion, more commonly known as a sun dog. Scientists explain that a sun dog is caused by the reflection or refraction of sunlight by plenty of small ice crystals that comprise cirrus or cirrostratus clouds.

It was my first time to see a sun dog for real and it was a really unique sight to behold.

The sun dog was only seen in Cebu, though.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What were you thinking, Patricia?

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I came across Patricia Evangelista's latest column on Richard Gordon entitled People Call Me Dick.

I would not have wanted to question her piece since, after all, it is her column, her opinion. Yet, she wrote mere shilly-shally about Gordon, her arguments founded only on half-baked judgments about the man without digging deeper and tackling substantial points spot on.

I'd think of what she wrote as the shallowest piece I've come across from her because she wrote about someone she doesn’t know, despite her own brand of conviction. She failed to intelligently point out her reasons because she didn't think enough.

I’m putting my pro-Gordon leanings aside here. I would like to think Pat may have wanted to get readers to make more careful and calculated decisions when it comes to choosing the next president but I just could not see any depth in her piece except sheer brashness (not feistiness) and a lack of understanding. Really, what was she thinking anyway?

So she's mentioned she's not voting for Gordon because she thinks he's an ass. Fine, that's her opinion. But not voting for a candidate on the basis of dislike is worse than going for someone who is ‘likeable’.

Patricia must have forgotten that choosing the right leader is not primarily about charm or personality – it is about a candidate’s platform of governance, performance and track record. A personality-based criterion only happens in entertainment searches, Patricia. This notion only misleads readers into making decisions that are ignorant and irrational.

Whatever attempts Patricia might have to get readers to think well, I just didn’t see it. She didn’t think enough in the first place.

To write something biased about someone or something you only know of or have little knowledge about would only make your musings a waste of print.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top ten essentials every working girl must have

Everyday I bring my kikay kit with me but you'll find that there's not too much stuff inside - just the basics. I'm pretty low key when it comes to kikay stuff; I simply make do with a few touch ups and I'm good to go. It could be because of the pretty laid back environment at work or that I don't really like putting on makeup.

Here are some of the things inside my kikay kit that I just can't do without (and that every working girl should have):

1. Alcohol. Always have a bottle of disinfectant handy to keep you sanitized throughout the day.

2. Eye drops. My eyes tend to get dry and tired for sitting in front of the computer for eight hours (or even longer). A few drops of Eye-Mo gives my peepers instant eye relief and comfort.

3. Powder. I shun pressed powders. I have oily skin and I dont really like the idea of oil getting trapped in the sponge and getting mixed up with powder each time I apply it.  Besides, I'm too lazy to wash the sponge anyway. (hehe). I only use Johnson's baby powder to keep me fresh and matte all day. No frills.

4. Dental floss. Brushing alone is not enough to keep your teeth clean. That's why I make it a point to floss everyday. I really like Johnson & Johnson's Reach Mint Waxed dental floss. Its minty goodness makes flossing so addictive! Currently though, I'm using a cheaper brand, but hey it's always better than not flossing at all.

5. Moisturizer. Airconditioning at the office can take a toll on my hands, making it dry and stiff. I use Nivea Creme to moisturize my hands so I could clack away on the computer comfortably all day.

6. Eye Concealer. My eyes often get tired at the end of my shift. How my peepers look mirrors how my day at work has been. But I always cheat my way at it by applying Top Gel pearl cream stick around my eye area. The product is actually for the face but I prefer to use it as an eye concealer. I love how it instantly brightens my tired and stressed eyes, as if I wasn't ngarag from work. (hehe) 

7. Lip Gloss. My lips tend to get dry and chapped easily. Mary Kay lip gloss in Sweet Raisin keeps me moisturized with a hint of color.

8. Hair elastic bands. My hair's natural condition just could not afford me to simply let it loose and not have a bad hair day. So I always, always tie my locks with elastic bands especially when I'm commuting to work.

9. Hair Polish. Unless I'm riding a cab, two jeepney rides to work usually leaves my hair disheveled. Vitresse Hair Cuticle Coat keeps my hair smooth and well behaved. I love that a little application goes a long way and that its not greasy.

10. Ascorbic Acid. The weather these days can be such a bitch, making you more prone to viral illnesses such as cough, cold and flu. I believe my strong resistance to common illnesses can be attributed much to Vitamin C. I take 500 mg of ascorbic acid everyday, sometimes even more. I'm not sure if Vitamin C overdose is something I should be wary of, but lately I've been sticking to 1 tablet a day.

So what's in your kikay kit?