Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cocina de Lola no more?

It was me and Cyril's 23rd month together and I had long planned to take us to Cocina de Lola. I thought it was a great place to celebrate yet another month of magkasintahan bliss because of its subtle charm as well as its name, in which home-cooked recipes quickly comes to mind.

When we stepped inside the restaurant, I thought we were in the wrong place. I noticed they had those buffet trays at the counter, which looked quite off with its interiors. I asked the lady if they had a menu but was told the only dishes they served were those in the trays. There were only five choices, and the dishes were similar to those being served in carinderias, But we just proceeded with our order anyway.

We were the only customers that time yet, so we had the place all to ourselves. It looked quaint inside as it was outside, which could make for a fine dining ambiance. What we still didn't understand, though, were the buffet trays and the unbelievably cheap menu prices. I looked around and noticed that the cafe was named Cafe Tinio, as indicated on their business permit hung conspicuously on the wall.

I had chicken adobo and calamares while Cyril ordered beef steak and vegetable soup. I also had mango shake to go with my meal. Putting our confusion aside, we chowed down and were not disappointed. Their chicken adobo was good it actually reminded me of my mama's own version. The calamares was also delicious as well - not too starchy and cooked just right. Cyril loved his vegetable soup and beef  steak too. The food was definitely good, home-cooked style.

After what had been a satisfying meal, we could have wanted to chill a bit for some convo but decided to leave instead because Cyril was already sweating - the electric fan was only cooling the place even though there was an a/c. After taking some snaps of the place, we left after paying Php135.00 for our meal. Now that's an unbelievably affordable meal on a special occasion.

I looked at the cafe's facade and noticed it didn't bear the Cocina de Lola signage anymore. Is it really gone or just repackaged into Cafe Tinio?