Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturdate at Rai-Rai Ken

Mancomm week was finally over and I couldn't be more thankful to have survived yet another super stressful phase at work that it has been my resolve to reward myself every after business review. It was so sweet of my boyfriend to treat me to my favorite, sashimi.

We could have dined at Tokyo Joe's where we usually eat Japanese food, but learned that they no longer served sashimi. So off we headed to Rai-Rai Ken.

Beef Ramen

My soup lover of a boyfriend ordered the beef ramen while I gave their Gomoku Chaha (fried rice with mixed seafood) a first try.

Gomoku Chaha

Of course, dining at a Japanese resto is never complete without sashimi.

My favorite, tuna Sashimi

Although the Gomoku Chaha tasted good, I usually prefer my fried rice dry and salty, much like like the yang chow fried rice at Dimsum Break. Nevertheless, their Gomoku Chahan was very filling. I had a little taste of the beef ramen too and I especially loved the noodles, except for the bamboo shoots - I thought they smelled and tasted awful.

Next stop after a sumptuous dinner? A nice, relaxing Swedish massage at our favorite spa.

Oh how I love Saturdays!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Go fish at Co Jordan!

One Sunday morning, my sister and I went to Consolacion to go fishing with my relatives. I was so excited at the thought of it since it would actually be my first time to do so. So off we went to Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus.


Co-Jordan is a restaurant situated in a pond that serves the freshest seafoods cooked any way you like - fried, grilled, ginisa, steamed or in soup base. This is a place where you can fish and have your own catch cooked at a reasonable rate. They weigh the fish for you on a per kilo basis. 

the pond

You don't just find bangus and tilapia at Co Jordan as well. You also get to have your fill of crabs, shrimps, talaba and other seafoods. They're all at its freshest and cooked at its tastiest. 

tasty shrimp



my favorite of them all - fried tilapia

I've never tasted seafood this good here, knowing they were cooked fresh. We had grilled and tinolang bangus,  fried tilapia, shrimp, sa-ang and talaba. I especially loved the fried tilapia, I just couldn't get enough of it. For a seafood lover like me, it was truly one of the most sumptuous seafood chows I've ever had.

Needless to say, we didn't get any catch from our fishing attempts but the food more than made up for it though. 

Co Jordan gives a different kind of seafood dining experience in a refreshing way.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ipar's: Muy Delicioso!

I've been having this unexplainable craving for paella for days now and so on our typical Saturdate with Cyril, we decided to go to a restaurant that served paella. While walking along Ramos st, we found Ipar's restaurant and knew we had to go in. After all, you don't call a Spanish restaurant authentic if they don't serve paella, which is a signature Spanish dish.

It was our first time to dine at Ipar's, and the moment we got inside, we were smitten by it's simple yet stylish and cozy ambiance. The funny moment came when we sat down to check the menu, and found that Cyril and I could not have the paella not only because the price was a little high, but because the serving was too much for just the two of us (serving was good for 4-6 persons).

lovely ambiance

all things Spanish

while waiting for our food

We could have wanted to just get out of the restaurant pronto, because we couldn't find anything else other than paella. Heck, we were unsure what the other dishes were since they were in Spanish. Good thing, the waitress was helpful enough to suggest something that was just right for our appetite and budget, of course.

As per the waitress's suggestion, I ordered the Chuletas de Cerdo al Ajillo (Php180), or porkchop sauteed in garlic. The dish also comes with rice which you can have either plain or with garlic. I love how the garlic sautee meshed perfectly with the meat, the taste was not overpowering of garlic and it helped bring out the meat's flavor. I'm pretty certain they used olive oil to sautee the garlic, it's light and never greasy at all.

Chuletas de Cerdo Al Ajillo

Cyril's dish was even better. He had the Pescado en Salsa Verde (Php300), or fish fillet smothered in parsley sauce. How the fish melted in my mouth was just pure heaven, I couldn't help but fork on his plate again and again.

Pescados en Salsa Verde

I may not have satisfied my craving for paella, but I sure did have a muy delicioso dinner at Ipar's.