Friday, October 1, 2010

The Diamond 'Feel' (my first diamond peeling experience)

Thanks to stress, pollution and poor lifestyle habits, I lately noticed that my skin looked dull, tired and rough, no matter how religious I have been with my cleansing and moisturizing routine. I hated how poor and lifeless my skin would show even in pictures, with a strong urge to just photoshop out of desperation just in case somebody would tell me I looked tired - again.  That's when I decided to get a professional facial treatment.

Getting 'laser-ed'

So I went to Skinzone IT Park to get a facial. I instructed my attendant, Claire, that I wanted a 'no-pricking facial' (never again to pricking!), but was then convinced by her that a diamond peel was more suitable for me since I didn't want to be pricked.

Diamond peeling is a fast and painless procedure that removes dead skin, leaving it supple and rejuvenated. It helps promote smoother, healthier skin and diminishes the appearance of blemishes, acne scars and even stretch marks.

First thing Claire did was slather cleansing milk on my face and neck, massaging it super gently. Then, she wiped it and applied scrub (to slough off old, tired skin, for sure). After another wiping,  she applied the collagen mask.

Each cream application took a while to stay on my face to induce effect, I could have just wanted to doze off  but was too excited to know what she was going to do next anyway. Claire was also very friendly, I was comfortable all throughout the entire procedure.

After preparing the diamond peel machine, Claire put a vacuum suction device on my face that would suck out dirt and dead skin. In the middle of the 30-minute procedure, Claire told me to feel my face. And boy, what a difference. My skin felt so smooth to the touch, I just needed to resist the urge to feel it again and again or I might ruin the procedure (haha). 

Claire then showed me the grime collected from the diamond peeling. This you have got to see.

Look ma, lotsa dead skin!
She then used a laser tool for three minutes to close my pores.

"This is going to sting." Claire told me before applying toner on my face (which did, but tolerably) and then slathered on moisturizer before removing my protective headband and calling the procedure done.

Post peel effect
Forty minutes of all that slathering, vacuuming and stuff made my face red and tender right after. I no longer washed my face before hitting the sack.

The Morning After:

When I woke up, I noticed that my face was less oily. There's still the slightest sting and luck was on my side because the sun wasn't out today, but I had sunblock on as an extra precaution (I've been religious with putting on sunblock since I discovered how much havoc the sun can wreak on skin anyway.)

After two weeks, I'll be getting another diamond peel again, perhaps make it a habit (if money permits! haha) While I cannot see visible effects yet, I must tell you my skin feels cleaner and more refreshed now than when I only do ordinary washing and moisturizing.

Try getting a diamond peel, or any professional facial treatment for yourself, when you can. Treat yourself to something you deserve, and which your skin will thank you for in the long run.

And oh, need I say a change in lifestyle habits?