Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shopping for clothes online?

I could never have too many clothes; so I always reward myself with a new dress, a pretty top or any clothing apparel I fancy. Whenever I feel like buying new clothes, but too lazy to hit boutiques/department stores, I simply go online to check out pieces I might like.

Online shops have made shopping for clothes a lot more convenient for me - I don't have to deal with irritating salesladies who tail behind when I'm checking something out; I don't have to wait in line for my turn at the dressing room; and I can shop anytime I want.

I have several clothes which I bought from different online sellers; and although this form of shopping is very convenient, I've realized after my latest purchase that nothing still beats the art of good ol' shopping. How I shop may in no way be the same as yours, but it takes more than just making a few clicks for one to say an item is indeed a good buy.

But then again, I'm still a fan of online shops. And I'd say, this isn't for every shopper  that ever exists.  I've learned not to ignore these aspects when shopping for clothes online:

1. Fit. The clothing pieces you see in online shops may look really nice. Sure. But there are no dressing rooms - there's no way to find out whether that dress will look good on you just as it does on the model, the mannequin or in your imagination. To know if it fits you perfectly is a hit or miss thing. Who doesn't want to wear something that's as if it was made to fit your size, and just yours?

3/4 collared top

 2. Fabric. One of my online shopping mistakes then was not asking what the item was made of. Never rely on your peepers a hundred percent when checking out an item online. I once bought a sun dress that I instantly fell in love with, but got disappointed when I found out that it was made of  poor fabric. Returning the item and having it exchanged would be futile an attempt, not just because of geography but because the seller might find the argument on 'fabrics' non-debatable. 

Ask the seller what material an item is made of, s/he should know. Otherwise, shop somewhere else.

ruffled dress

eyelet tube dress
3. Finances. I guess this is a no-brainer here. If you don't have the money, then don't bother reserving  or ordering items. 'Bogus buyers', so-called customers who drop their orders for the lamest excuses or for no reason at all, are increasing by the numbers. Sure, it is your (customer) right to not go on with the purchase,  but you don't want to waste the seller's time or yours.

4. Fake or For Real? With so many online shops you can find, you can never be sure which one is fake or real. Scams lurk aplenty on the Internet, where they claim to be online shops, post items 'for sale' and then run  away with your money. Thankfully I've never been a victim of fake online shops. It's always a good thing to be vigilant about some who take advantage.  

Whether I make online shopping or not, I'm always reminded of one thing: 

It's not what you wear, but who wears it. =)