Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The Old Spaghetti House is always the first that comes to my mind whenever I think of pasta. Call me exaggerated, but TOSH gives me these unusual cravings, like an addiction to something I must satisfy if only to keep me from going insane. True.

My most recent dining experience at TOSH was pleasant, as always. I had a tough time deciding what to have, although I wanted to try the pasta dish my boyfriend had the last time we dined there. It was surprisingly nice to know that he, the one I know who'd be the last to eat pasta, would actually finish his plate of sun dried tomato pesto with grilled chicken, and remark that he loved it. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall!

I love dining at places where there are mirrors. The self-confessed narcissa's logic is that you'd forget everything if you're enjoying good food, and that includes looking in the mirror all the time. It's like humoring myself to check out what a monster I become when I'm chowing. lol

Bolognese spaghetti

Ordered Bolognese thinking this was what my boyfriend had when we last dined here. Turned out it wasn't what he ordered. But still, it was good, really good.

Chicken and mushroom spaghetti

Rhea ordered chicken and mushroom spaghetti, it's taste close to that of carbonara. Forked into her plate and loved the dish too. 

more garlic bread!

Trio 8 - Golden Oreo cookies

Trio 8 - Funnel cake

Trio 8 - Mud Pie is to die for

For dessert, we ordered Trio 8, which consists of deep fried Oreo cookies topped with ice cream, funnel cake and mud pie. We just couldn't get enough of the mud pie - it's simply divine. So what if it's laden with calories? We're ditching our diets for this. 

filling out the customer survey form

and the respondent says...

One for the road! Stuffed and smiling!

It has been yet another pleasant dining experience at The Old Spaghetti House what with it's no doubt delicious food, cozy resto ambience and of course, juicy conversation with a dear friend. 

Post Script: 
Thanks to Rhea's Nikoy for the shots. ;)