Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Going brave, going bangs!

Undecided for months and months as to what I was going to do with my hair, which is ideal an example of boring and lifeless, I finally mustered enough decisiveness to just go straight to the salon to get a hair makeover.

Bench Fix in Ayala has always been my choice whenever I needed a hair fix, thanks to bad haircut experiences with other salons. Their rates can be higher compared to most salons here but at least their stylists know what they're doing and yes, I'd always get out of the salon not wishing I had chopped the stylist's ear. haha. 

Here's a photo of me pre-hair makeover. 

I instructed my stylist to please trim the ends of my hair but make sure the length was maintained as much as possible. I wanted bangs to go with it as well. After several snips (he thought I was better off with side bangs just below my cheekbones to complement the shape of my face), he asked if I wanted to make my bangs shorter. 

"Can you make it shorter? Like up to my brows? I know it doesn't really suit my face shape but daugon ra nako sa confidence."

The stylist chuckled and proceeded to chop it shorter. 

Lo and behold my new look. 

Oh okay, well maybe the look isn't totally new.
I sported bangs in 2007 - DIY, fyi.
Guess I'm just brining back the look

The cut was still good the following day, although it didn't give the exact same look (I could probably maintain that 'bagong labas sa parlor' look if I had a blower same as theirs.). It didn't worry me much though, as I've but long kept a mental note to myself - it's actually what made the stylist chuckle. And mind you, it pretty much works. 

Because really, no matter what hairstyle you sport, or the shade of lipstick you wear even, or the outfit you don, it all and always boils down to one thing: Confidence. 

Going beyond the topic on getting bangs now, I ask, what's stopping you from trying something new, if at all interesting at the least? Be brave, be confident, be you. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

From Maria Ressa to me!

Thank you, dear, for this pleasant surprise! :)

Boyfriend approaches Maria Ressa.

Boy: Hi, can I have a picture with you?
Maria Ressa: Sure. (smiles for the camera with the boyfriend)
Boy: Can I have your autograph?
Maria Ressa: Sure, after photo ops.

Boyfriend waits till Maria Ressa is done with her photo ops. Approaches her again.

Boy: Can I have your autograph?
Maria Ressa: Sure, what's your name?
Boy: Can you put the name of my girlfriend instead? She's a big fan of yours. She's an aspiring journalist.
Maria Ressa: Wow! What's her name?

Boyfriend says girlfriend's name. Maria Ressa scribbles in notebook. Boyfriend thanks her. Sends pic of autograph to girlfriend. Girlfriend is surprised and ecstatic. So ecstatic!

Boy I sure have the best boyfriend in the world! 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bee, Tea and Me (Bubble Bee Tea House)

I don't know what it is with the middle of the month, this time at work when my brain gets overworked and  my hormones are raging badly enough to trigger anxiety and panic attacks. 

When all the dirty work is done, I seem to have always made it a point to purge all that stress off me. Whether it's going to the salon for a diamond peel or getting a massage at my favorite spa or having a drink or two with friends, it's amazing how these simple indulgences can actually keep me from being on the brink of insanity.

After heaving sighs of relief following the end of reporting day, me and my girls went to Bubble Bee Tea House for some chillaxing. It was actually my first time to visit the place and boy I was not disappointed - it really makes for a nice place to just sit back, relax and unwind.


I especially love Bubble Bee's interiors - soft, warm lights, soothing colors, cushioned chairs that bring out your 'lazy' side. The cafe's style spells fun, quirky and very laid back.

Couldn't help but stop and stare at 'em cutesies!

that's the Bubble Bee logo right there

Davey getting cozy with tiger

Rhea and her milk tea

Bubble Bee Tea House isn't just all about aesthetics, too. Their tea drinks are actually a great alternative to coffee, and are delicious, I actually had a tough time deciding which drink we ordered was better, if not the best. 

If you're not into tea, they also offer fresh fruit slushes too.  Whether they serve beer or any other liquor, I'm not too sure - the waiter said they weren't serving beer but then I saw a beer bar alfresco (which is which?)

We all gushed amongst ourselves "Bitaw noh, nice diri noh?" Drop by and you might as well be saying the exact same thing. 

Post Script: 
My gizmo doesn't really take good photos. =) 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why, thank you, BB cream

During my most recent diamond peel session, the attendant remarked that my skin was looking better than before, saying that it looked brighter and smoother. 

Okay, so maybe getting a diamond peel regularly has helped, alongside my doctor's prescription for my acne-prone skin. It's just that she repeatedly remarked how good my skin looked, (I'm not sure if that was her way to get me to tip her big, haha) That's when I realized I should give BB cream part of the credit too.

What I'm using

I first learned of BB (blemish balm) cream in my desperate attempts to find that one product that would best suit my skin - the perfect example of imperfect. And because I am not really into wearing makeup, I wanted to find that one product that could give me the 'no makeup' makeup look, if only to stop my well meaning friends from telling me to put some glow on my otherwise pale face. 

Lucky I found these things and even more in a BB cream. I've been using this wonder cream for four months now and I've been so hooked - in fact, I don't leave home anymore without applying it on my face. Why do I love BB cream? Let me give you my top five reasons:

1. Conceals imperfections. Think blemishes, dark spots and uneven skin tone. BB cream's got them all covered. BB cream instantly brightens my skin, giving it that nice, noticeable glow.

2. Protects from the sun's harmful UV rays.

3. Moisturizes my skin. Who says oily skin should skip moisturizer?

4. Lightweight and goes on easy and natural on the skin. Unlike foundation, it doesn't feel thick and is non-comedogenic.

5. Time-saving. Because BB cream all comes with coverage, moisturizing and protection properties, I'm usually all set and good to go after application.

I guess this explains why BB creams are such a rave among women, especially Asians. And if you ever wonder how many celebs, for instance, Korean stars, possess impeccably good skin, that's because they use BB cream too. I'm currently using Maybelline BB cream - the product works well on my skin although I know there are other better brands out there which I might want to try when the tube runs out. 

Now you see why I am smiling more confidently now. See the difference?

BB cream could also stand for this too - Be Beautiful.