Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Girl settles at a table and waits for her pasta chicken order when guy approaches and sits next to her.

Girl: Yes?
Guy: I just want to talk to you.
Girl: uh, about what?
Guy: You know, youre really looking hot these days.

Girl’s brain shoots up 360 degrees but manages to contain herself despite wanting to break the guy's neck. FYI, girl doesnt like being called hot.
Guy: Your hair’s great. And what a cute shirt you have on too.
Girl: (starts doubting guy’s sexual orientation) I know. Tell me something i dont know.

Guy: Can i have your number.
Girl: No.
Guy: Why not?
Girl: Coz i dont want to. If you want my number, find my number. But im not giving it to you.
Guy: Why are you being so stuck-up? I just want to know you more.
Girl:  Im not interested, alright?
Guy: Are you really like that to all the other guys?
Girl: Ummm…no. Can you please leave me alone? Im hungry and i want to enjoy my meal.

Guy doesnt leave and continues blabbering. Realizing that his attempts at getting into a conversation with her are futile, guy’s presence undergoes a state of sublimation.

Girl is oblivious, too preoccupied twirling spaghetti with her fork.

This girl tells you, guys in particular, to cut it out when she’s not interested, especially when she’s hungry. Cheesy pick-up lines and trite conversation startup pieces dont work for her, and she knows when you, (guys in particular) are trying to pull it off.

Try a little harder, though, unless you want yourself forked, turned-over and become toast.