Thursday, February 28, 2013

When in Oslob

I've been experiencing eustress since the start of 2013, what with wedding preparations and house tripping schedules. I must have been too caught up with these two that I tend to forget to just relax and perhaps de-stress. 

My time and moolah still could not afford me to go to my next dream PH travel destination; but I did not bat eyelashes at the thought of getting up close and personal with the butanding. I had to make the seemingly torturous ordeal of waking up at two in the morning just to get to Oslob earlier than the other tourists.

Incredibly up and I beat the sun to it. haha
Yes, that big.
This is the closest I could get. Strictly no touching.

These gentle giants are beautiful, yes, even with cuts on their faces, perhaps because they get hit by paddles or propellers as they approach boats for food. I don't think feeding them is healthy, though, because isn't it marine wildlife's nature to hunt for food?

What also got my attention was that they were fed frozen, not fresh, shrimp. I'm not sure if the kind of food they're given bears any significance but then again, this feeding practice disrupts their natural behavior. 

The butanding, I found, was not what Oslob only had to offer. There was Tumalog falls too.

check out the rainbow!

Getting to and from Tumalog falls is not for the weak-legged (winks). Although the road is paved, you need to hike to get to the falls. The trail was steep, I worried I might roll over and fall into the ravine. The more challenging part was  hiking back up from the falls. I had to stop several times for air and rest my legs a bit. Boohoo to me.

And then there's more - Sumilon island. 

take the plunge
the crazy crew

Sumilon island is so beautiful I could live there. I've never really liked crowded beaches and I've always loved being secluded in an island, even for a just a day, away from the stresses and chaos of city life. I'm definitely going back to Sumilon; and by that time, I will have brought my husband to be. Honeymoon getaway, perhaps?

my moment
loving the water!
sunny smiles!

I would have missed out on all the fun and the beautiful sights in Oslob if I didn't force myself to get up from bed. Well, waking up unbelievably early wasn't such a bad idea after all.