Thursday, May 30, 2013

Makeover Saturday

I confess I suck at putting on makeup. I get clueless finding out which brush goes with what and playing with different colors of an eyeshadow palette scares me. Maybe this is now an aftermath of my nonchalance with makeup back in my teenage years. While my girlfriends dusted their faces thick with foundation and colored their lips pink in college, I was happy au naturel.

When I started working, I was good with lip gloss and pressed powder only, and I still felt pretty anyway. It wasn't long before I was surrounded with colleagues who had kikay kits fat with all sorts of makeup items in different brands, shapes and colors. It didn't help too that I wasn't getting any younger at all.

But then, most of the time I find myself asking help from someone to do my makeup. Some things I'm just not good at, and I will probably have to deal with. 

One fine Saturday, I went to the mall to get a makeover with my dear friend Leah, my lifesaver whose makeup prowess never fails to work wonders on me. Barefaced and brimming with so much excitement, the makeup artist asked me what kind of look I wanted. I told her I wanted the 'day look', something I figured would be suitable in the office, specifically.


I sat there for what seemed like light years, the makeup artist keeping me from checking myself out in the mirror, to heighten the excitement. And then...

 I got the look I exactly wanted. I wish I didn't have to wash it off at the end of the day! haha

Here's my friend Leah, whose mestiza features make her freckles noticeable when she's barefaced.

After. FYI, she did her own makeup!

What I always tell myself ? You don't need to put on a lot of makeup to look beautiful - it should enhance what God-given beauty you have. And while it doesn't hurt to put on a little makeup to look beautiful, it's not the be-all and end-all to being one.