Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Five things you should never say to a pregnant woman (like me)

Now on my third trimester. I am loving this bumpy ride! 

1. Your belly looks bigger than it seems. No pregnancy is ever the same. A woman can look heavily pregnant even in the earlier phase of her pregnancy or sport a tiny bump even if she's 8 & 1/2 months on the way. I've been getting a lot of the former, and although admittedly annoying at times, I just humor myself by telling them they're not used to seeing me big and bloated, ha! You see, I've been blessed with sexy curves before sporting this sexy bump, you know. :)

2. You can't eat/drink this. Too often, I get told I can't eat this or I can't drink that because 'it's not good for me or the baby'. You may mean well, thank you, but anything that I am and am not allowed to eat is between me and my doctor already. And yes, I can drink coffee, have some salted munchies and even eat ceviche (kinilaw), because believe me, I can.  

3. You can't do this/that. Just like being told what to and not to put in my mouth, I get annoyed being told what activities to stop doing just because I am pregnant. Again, there is nothing that concerns my pregnancy that I never consult my doctor about. So before telling me I can't wear makeup, join dance classes or commute via habal2, trust me, I've already asked my doctor these and I am perfectly okay to do so (with care and caution of course). 

4. What happened to you/your (insert part of the human body)? Since I got pregnant, my body has become a wonderland of changes. Rapid weight gain, dark lines along my distended belly; darker armpits, an unusually swollen nose; swollen legs and feet, you name it. It's actually not helping how you have to rub these things in my face, as if these are not obvious. Worse is when you smack it right to me as if these changes are happening to me because I am not taking care of myself.  Seriously. 

5. Was it planned? Whether it was unplanned, unwanted or by miracle of being conceived by the holy spirit, a baby is always a blessing. Wouldn't it have been a no-brainer enough when I announced with so much pride and joy that moment I found out I was pregnant and  enjoying this beautiful bumpy ride that is pregnancy? 

And for the record, yes, my husband and I did plan it. I planned my trip to Singapore on the week that I was most fertile; hubby booked the most romantic spot he could think of and we spent the best time as a married couple making room for our little one in our future plans. God answered our prayers and we couldn't be happier and more blessed.   

I am now on my third and final trimester, thankful to God that He has kept me safe and healthy in the past six pregnant months. I am continuously praying that the last phase of my pregnancy will be less hellish as the first trimester and just as great as the second. Most importantly, hubby and I are praying for my safe delivery soon. And if you're wondering what my baby's gender is, I guess that's something I'm not telling you...just yet. hehe